Non-Fiction Gallery hosts grand opening exhibition: “Open Book”

The gallery Little Beasts at 1522 Bull Street — just north of the corner of 32nd Street — has been replaced by Non-Fiction Gallery, which hosts its grand opening tonight (Friday, Sept. 21) with “Open Book”, an exhibit featuring work by Adriane Herman, Gregory Eltringham, Liliya Soritova, Todd Schroeder, and Megan C. Mosholder.

Non-Fiction Gallery (previously The Beast and Red Kite galleries, in addition to Little Beasts) has one of the purest spaces in town for art — high ceilings, good light, long walls. It’s not a huge space, just a really good one.

Here’s how the gallery describes itself:

“Home” by Adriane Herman

About Non-Fiction:
Non-Fiction is a new contemporary arts space located at 1522 Bull (formerly Little Beasts) dedicated to the support and evolution of Savannah’s emerging art scene. It is a multimedia exhibition space seeking to enrich and engage the community through innovative and experimental events and thereby cultivating an open political and cultural dialogue.

From the press release for “Open Book”:

The theme of Open Book is “Non-fiction” – work sourcing from and encapsulating themes of cultural history, research, publications, and/or documentation.