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Savannah’s Starland neighborhood gets star treatment in the New York Times

From the New York Times Travel section, An Incubator for Creativity in Savannah, Ga., with emphasis added: The Savannah that most visitors encounter is confined to the historic district between the Savannah River and the trees of Forsyth Park draped…

Yes, this is an exhibit of human hair

From Tyler Akers’ event description of “Adulio Pitaksalok” at Non-Fiction Gallery here in Savannah: Hair serves as a synecdoche for understanding the meaning of self and other, subject and object. The mimetic processes of hair modification separate and connect members…

Non-Fiction Gallery hosts grand opening exhibition: “Open Book”

The gallery Little Beasts at 1522 Bull Street — just north of the corner of 32nd Street — has been replaced by Non-Fiction Gallery, which hosts its grand opening tonight (Friday, Sept. 21) with “Open Book”, an exhibit featuring work by Adriane Herman, Gregory Eltringham, Liliya Soritova, Todd Schroeder, and Megan C. Mosholder.