Christ, Lord at The Sentient Bean (photos)

Christ, Lord created some great buzz at the 2012 Savannah Stopover, so I knew I wanted to catch their next local gig.

With very little notice, they played recently at The Sentient Bean before a rapt audience. (I suspect things were a bit rowdier at a house party they played later with Triathalon.)

Not being familiar with the Christ, Lord’s originals, I especially appreciated a couple of Tom Waits covers from his album Rain Dogs. I’m always telling great young bands to weave a few covers into their out-of-town sets, but few seem to understand how important that can be to reel in new fans.

Christ, Lord has an upbeat gypsyish folk sound with excellent musicianship and an occasional biting edge.

The band is comprised of Christian Ballew , Brandon Camarda , Ryan Gregory , Ryan Lamb , Billy Mitchell , and Adam Mincey . There’s more on the band’s Facebook page and a couple of full albums — one of which is embedded here — on Bandcamp.

I sure hope Savannah becomes a regular stop for the Atlanta-based band.

A few pics from the Bean, click for larger versions: