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Savannah Stopover preview: this mountain

With an indie rock sensibility, gorgeous harmonies, and an intense combination of strings — including banjo, cello, and electric guitar — this mountain resists any easy categorization.

this mountain returns to The Jinx (photos)

this mountain was founded just two years ago and only released their first full-length album — future ghost — about three months ago. But this mountain seems destined for bigger things.

The MusicFile, now based in Savannah, roars back to life with a fresh Southern edge

From The MusicFile:
“Welcome to our beta version of the re-vamped MusicFile. Over the past two years, we’ve moved from New York City to beautiful Savannah,Ga., started a music festival called Savannah Stopover that takes place the weekend before SXSW each March (you need to come down for this!), launched a concert promotion and event business and in the process of all that, have sorely neglected our first born~~The MusicFile.”

this mountain – The Jinx – 12/01/12

I’m thrilled to hear that this mountain is headed back to The Jinx on December 1st, and I just hope they have the same kind of crowd that they had last time.

Saturday morning music: this mountain’s “Heavy”

Here’s a brand new video of “Heavy” — nothing flashy, just a great song.

Savannah’s first encounter with a great band from Johnson City, Tennessee: this mountain

Most of the cyclists in the Midnight Garden Ride only heard a couple songs of this mountain’s fine set, but it was sure a memorable musical experience for me — one of those times when I know virtually nothing about a band and then, the moment they start playing, I immediately feel like I’m listening to a story told by a long lost friend.

Midnight Garden Ride — bicycling and music amidst the evening beauty of Savannah (photos)

I didn’t ride the Savannah Bicycle Campaign‘s Midnight Garden Ride on Saturday evening, but I sure enjoyed the event and support the broader cause of safe cycling in Savannah.

Ponderosa / this mountain – Telfair Square – 09/01/12

Some great music booked for the Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s 4th Annual Midnight Garden Ride.