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Black Tusk: new EP, awesome new video, Friday gig at The Jinx in Savannah

A short post because the key info is in my Unplugged column in Do in the Savannah Morning News on Thursday: Black Tusk comes home If you don’t know the metal trio, check out Black Tusk’s Facebook page, which has…

Baroness releases statement detailing injuries from coach crash in Bath — UPDATED 8/20

This post has been updated with the latest photo released by Baroness as three members recuperate in hospital in England.

BBC coverage showing Baroness bus crash site in Bath (video)

There were nine people on the bus. All were injured when the bus left the roadway during heavy rain and fell 30 feet at about 11:30 a.m. local time after coming down a steep hill and failing to execute a right turn.

Baroness bus involved in “serious accident” in England

There are reports of injuries but no fatalities in the crash today near Bath of the bus for metal band Baroness, which was founded here in Savannah.

Jucifer / Guzik / Demonaut – The Jinx – 01/28/12

Jucifer: Check out the Facebook event page for more links.

Black Tusk, Sludge Metal, and an edgier image for Savannah

In my City Talk column today, I conclude with a mention of the Black Tusk show at The Jinx on Saturday night. I last wrote about Black Tusk here on this blog back in February. I know a fair number…

From Saarbrucken to Tampere: Black Tusk launches European tour

I write a lot about bands coming to Savannah, but I’ll try to say more in future posts about bands traveling from Savannah. I don’t know if any Savannah band has been traveling as much in recent years as Black…

A review of “Lemmy”, the documentary about Motorhead’s iconic founder

You don’t have to be a Motorhead fan to enjoy Lemmy. But it sure couldn’t hurt. Lemmy is about Lemmy Kilmister, who founded the early metal band Motorhead in 1975 and has been synonymous with the band ever since. (Lemmy…