Photos of Truth & Salvage Co. from their first Savannah show

Truth & Salvage Co. played their first ever Savannah gig on Saturday night at Live Wire Music Hall. They’ll be back at Live Wire on Saturday, June 16th.

The band recently moved from L.A. to Nashville, so it looks like the country-ish rock band might be through town periodically (assuming Savannah’s fickle music fans turn out in good numbers). The main members are Scott Kinnebrew, Tim Jones, Bill “Smitty” Smith, Walker Young, and Adam Grace.

The band has four strong singers who periodically combine for gorgeous harmonies. They toured with The Black Crowes for much of 2009 before releasing their debut album in 2010.

Some of the shots here are from “Pure Mountain Angel”, near the end of a great night of music. (Les Racquet showed up back in town and opened — more on their 5/31 Live Wire show upcoming.)

Live Wire often has better lighting for photography than some of the other venues, although the sightlines can be tricky, but it looks like they’re in the midst of upgrading some of their equipment. So there was really good light on a couple of the band members Saturday, and not so much on others — plus instruments were better illuminated than faces. But it was all good. Great show.

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