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25+ acts booked for first Savannah Summer Solstice music festival in June

The family that gave us Live Wire Music Hall — operating as LOVE MUSIC AND LIVE WIRE SOUNDS — is throwing an ambitious Savannah event from June 21-23: the Savannah Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival.

The 3-day event will be held at Red Gate Campground, just off Chatham Parkway near the intersection with Veterans Parkway.

The Wheeler Brothers – Dub’s Pub – 02/13/13

Another production by Live Wire Sounds (the new business model of the folks who ran the recently closed Live Wire Music Hall).

Live Wire Music Hall closing this weekend — and leaving behind plenty of good memories

For me, Live Wire was most remarkable for allowing intimate shows with acts that generally play much bigger stages. I’m thinking about The Hold Steady, Trigger Hippy, and the like.

Same As It Ever Was – Live Wire Music Hall – 12/15/12

Somehow, I have never made it to one of this Talking Heads tribute band’s shows, but I hear only good things about the Knoxville-based band.

Crushed Out – Live Wire Music Hall – 12/07/12

Formerly Boom Chick, Crushed Out has a strong Savannah following.

Get ready for the busiest fall weekend in Savannah

Just a note to those hoping to launch new ventures on the weekend closest to Halloween and to those hoping to get exhaustive press coverage even though they’re up against a huge array of other offerings: there are 51 other weekends during the year that you might want to consider.

Les Racquet – Live Wire Music Hall – 10/26/12

The great rock trio Les Racquet was hanging around Savannah for a while over the winter — playing gigs at the Tybee Island Social Club and at Live Wire. They first came through the area and quickly won some hardcore fans on their first trip last year.

Laura Marling in Savannah: photos and a few thoughts

As a friend and I arrived a few minutes late to Live Wire Music Hall on River Street on Wednesday night for a show by up-and-coming British star Laura Marling, we noticed a number of young people sitting and standing outside the club, where they could still hear Marling’s intense, airy vocals.

More on Savannah’s inane ban of 18 to 20 year olds from live music venues

So what will those 18-20 year olds do tonight? Who knows? They certainly won’t be in a safe place under the watchful eye of experienced servers who could lose their jobs if underage patrons were found drinking. But they might drive to other cities where they’re welcomed into such places — like Statesboro, Charleston, Athens, and so forth and so on.

The Two Man Gentleman Band – Live Wire Music Hall – 11/09/12

It’s always a good time with The Two Man Gentlemen Band.

British folk star Laura Marling comes to Live Wire Music Hall on Wednesday, 10/17

“Singer/songwriter Laura Marling was only 16 years old when she emerged on the British indie scene in 2007 thanks to a handful of infectious singles made available on her MySpace profile.”

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers – Live Wire Music Hall – 10/01/12

“The band headed into the studio and emerged with Nicki’s sophomore album, Driftwood (2011), a collection of songs that evoke the AM magic of Linda Ronstadt, the honest charm of Johnny and June Cash’s duets, and the stoney sounds of retro Memphis soul.”

Archnemesis – Live Wire Music Hall – 09/21/12

“With their first EP “Diamonds and Glass” and their debut full length album “People’s Radio” available now for free download at www.archnemesismusic.com, Archnemesis continues to turn heads at festivals and club shows while elevating the standard for modern electronic music.”

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus – Live Wire Music Hall – 06/30/12

I’ve never seen Ultraviolet Hippopotamus but have heard good things. I really like the upbeat sound of the album embedded here.