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Will billions in East Coast port spending bring more trade through the Panama Canal?

I’ve read a lot and written some over the last couple of years about the likely impacts on commerce of the Panama Canal expansion and the vast infrastructure spending in the U.S. to expand ports. And I’m pretty cynical about…

Growing uncertainty about future shipping patterns when Panama Canal expansion is completed

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last couple of years reading about TEUs, about hub-and-spoke models for cargo transport, about tidal delays, about canal tolls, and on and on and on With the widened Panama Canal likely…

Analyst suggests little immediate impact of Panama Canal expansion on East Coast ports

From the Jacksonville Business Insider’s Panama Canal expansion might not impact East Coast immediately: Mark Szakonyi, an associate editor with the Journal of Commerce and former Business Journal logistics reporter, […] spoke Monday to Jacksonville’s Council of Supply Chain Management…

The question no one is asking about cruise ships in Savannah

Next week we’ll get to take a look at a study about the viability of potential sites for a cruise ship terminal in Savannah. The study has been completed by BEA Architects, which designs such facilities, so of course the…

Four takeaways from Washington Post’s fresh coverage of the Panama Canal expansion

Key takeaways:

1. Despite various economic projections, no one can be certain what the trade impacts of the Panama Canal expansion will be.

2. The massive expenditures of tax dollars in the U.S. are happening without any clear national plan to maximize spending. States with major ports see themselves in competition with other states, not as working cooperatively for the betterment of the country.

S.C. Supreme Court revokes key environmental permit for Savannah River dredging

OK, folks, this is yet another small drama interrupting the timeline that’s likely to end with eventual completion of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, a $652 million plan to dredge the Savannah River from 42 to 47 feet to accommodate…

Savannah Harbor Expansion Project gets official nod

An Assistant Secretary of the Army signed the Record of Decision on October 26th authorizing the massive, $650+ million dredging project for the Savannah River.

South Carolina Ports Authority head talks about Savannah River dredging and proposed Jasper port

Check out this interesting interview in the Aiken Standard with South Carolina State Ports Authority head Jim Newsome: S.C. Ports Authority’s Newsome reflects on three years as CEO and the path ahead.

Politico: Panama Canal expansion turns into ‘money grab’

“It’s all a money grab,” said Tom Finkbiner, senior chairman of the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver. “The competition becomes between ports and it goes to Washington and you have to justify why you are spending this money. So it becomes an excuse.”