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Grace Leigh (Jack Leigh’s daughter) and her partner launch Kickstarter for book of photographs from across the nation

It’s really hard to believe that Jack Leigh died almost 10 years ago. The Savannah photographer created many iconic images that shared, in the most visceral of ways, his passion for place and for people. His daughter Grace Leigh is…

The Weather Channel used some of my photographs without permission. How much should I care?

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, I began one of my journalism classes at Armstrong Atlantic State University with a brief consideration of a newly released “crowd-sourced” video of Neil Young’s recent Carnegie Hall concert. It’s a special topics class about new…

Flannery O’Connor-inspired art in Southern Discomfort 2, silent auction and reception on 1/31

I haven’t read everything that Flannery O’Connor ever wrote — I haven’t yet tackled the recently released A Prayer Journal, for example. But I’ve been immersed to varying degrees in O’Connor’s life and work for I guess about a decade…

A few evening shots on Tybee Island — the beach, the pier, the lighthouse

I had a nice evening at Tybee last night — I got back downtown just before the lightning storm unleashed itself. I hadn’t been out to Tybee in a while by myself, and I hadn’t taken any photos out there…

Mother Jones: “Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era?”

For those interested in journalism, photography, social media, or any combination of those, check out this great piece from Jeremy Lybarger at Mother Jones: Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? The piece is primarily a Q&A with Fred Ritchin…

Kathleen Parker on Steubenville, Eddie Adams, Kitty Genovese, social media and the bystander effect

A really provocative column today in the Washington Post by Kathleen Parker: Steubenville, social media and the bystander effect. From that piece: With a cellphone in every pocket, it has become second nature for most people to snap a picture…

Looking at the street photography of Vivian Maier

Sometimes I feel really out of it. I follow a lot of economic and political news. I analyze a lot of census data. I keep in touch as best I can with some trends in contemporary music and try to…

Marcus Kenney’s new exhibit of photography “Fallen Animals” now at Pinnacle Gallery in Savannah

I first discovered that Marcus was devoting significant time and energy to his photography a little over a year ago after he submitted a couple of pieces to an exhibition that I co-curated with Beth Howells in conjunction with the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home: “Southern Discomfort: Art Inspired by Flannery O’Connor”.

Nancy Pelosi should take down altered photo of Democratic women in the House

Even if the primary interest is PR, political leaders creating images for the historical record should follow the same ethical guidelines that news publishers do (or are supposed to). And that means no deception like this — no adding or deleting of people, no fundamental changes to the images in ways that compromise their integrity.

See video of last summer’s Express fashion show in Monterey Square

Back in the summer, Express spent several days here doing a fashion show and shooting still images for its holiday line. Now we have some of the video from those various shoots and productions.

Re: Magazine — fall 2012 is “The Cinematic Issue”

Re: Magazine is a pretty slick product that has now published three editions. It’s produced by college students in Savannah.

A few blog updates . . .

New posts at Peach Pundit, a new tumblr page, still looking for advertisers, plus a little other information and a few links.

Little Beasts’ closing reception for last show on Friday

Little Beasts is closing, but the versatile gallery space will reopen under another name and under slightly different leadership in the coming weeks. The final group show — Last Beast — is a strong one, well worth a look by Savannah art lovers and collectors.

“These Birds Walk” — trailer for a documentary portrait of contemporary Pakistan

I just wanted to share the beautiful teaser trailer for “These Birds Walk”, which is being shot, co-directed, and co-produced by my old friend Omar Mullick.