Little Beasts’ closing reception for last show on Friday

Little Beasts, at 1522 Bull Street just north of 32nd Street, is one of the nicest gallery spaces in Savannah.

Individual artists — including many SCAD students and SCAD professors — have often rented it to mount their own shows, and the gallery directors have mounted some excellent group shows there too.

The final group show — Last Beast — will have its closing reception on Friday, June 22nd, from 6 to 9 p.m.

From the press release:

The show explores the range of human experience, and through the variety of mediums, offers a look into the multitude of ways in which people observe and reconstruct their reality using different material and incorporeal components. These works augment reality through recontexualized imagery, forming fantastic new scenarios and possibilities for the relationships between entities.

a piece by Aniela Sobieski

Featured Artists: Eun Lee, Henry Dean, Fran Miaku (Argentina), Debora Oden, Paige Renee Russell, Melinda Borysevicz, Bryce Lankard (New Orleans, LA), Michael Younker, Lauren Kochavi (Austin,TX), Porter Mitchell, Augustus Muller, Jahmad Balugo, Rachael Perisho, Addison Adams (Athens, GA), Aniela Sobieski (Syracuse, NY), Morgan Santander, Wenjin Zhou, Alycia L. Linke (Philadelphia, PA), Xavier Robles de Medina, Taylor Doyle Gillespie, Michael Younker

After this show, Little Beasts will shut down, but it will reopen in the coming weeks under a different name and under somewhat different leadership. I don’t really know all the details, but I know enough to trust that the space will remain a vibrant and important one for the Savannah art community, especially the younger members.

There are some established artists of note in Last Beast, including but by no means limited to SCAD profs Henry Dean, Morgan Santander, Eun Lee, and Debora Oden. I particularly liked a couple of unusual prints by Jahmad Balugo, a student whose work is entirely new to me.

It’s not a daring or shocking show in any respect — just a strong collection of varied, high-quality work.