American Legion Post 135, Betty Bombers have returned

It was a long 10 months or whatever in the wilderness for us Legion refugees.

I live about 5 very short blocks from Savannah’s American Legion Post 135 and I’m sort of a night owl and I don’t watch much TV and I enjoy random interactions with some of Savannah’s most creative and idiosyncratic residents.

So I have spent a lot of time in the lounge at the American Legion Post 135 over the years. The presence of Betty Bombers All American Eatery turned the place into an embarrassment of riches.

That fire in May 2014 disrupted the Legion of course, but it also disrupted the far-flung and diverse community of folks who gather there.

The bar opened last week; Betty Bombers reopened today.

And a few pics that I took before the renovations were finalized: