Orlando Montoya of Savannah Podcast (formerly GPB) launches Patreon campaign – video

Interested in the couple behind a new Southside Savannah supermarket that specializes in products from Mexico? In the reopening of Savannah’s King-Tisdell Cottage? In the new season of the Savannah Philharmonic? In learning more about “the weeping time” when over 400 slaves were sold — and families divided — at a plantation near Savannah? In hearing the hard-to-pin-down musician and producer Ryan Graveface talk about his record store?

If you’re interested in storytelling about life in the Savannah area, you need to be checking out Savannah Podcast, the newish venture from Orlando Montoya. For years, Orlando’s voice and reporting were heard across the state via Georgia Public Broadcasting. I loved Orlando’s work at GPB, and I loved the rest of the team he worked with at WSVH 91.1 here in Savannah, but all those folks have been gone for months after a big corporate shakeup. (I love the new team at GPB too, btw.)

Now Orlando has launched a Patreon campaign to support his ongoing efforts to explore important stories in the Savannah community. It’s a bold experiment in new media — will folks who love Orlando’s in-depth reporting step up to the plate with enough small pledges (or large ones!) so that he can continue doing this important work?

For more, check out this excellent video shot and edited by Orlando’s former colleague at GPB Eric Nauert:

ORLANDO MONTOYA-PATREON VIDEO from Perpombellar Productions on Vimeo.