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Orlando Montoya of Savannah Podcast (formerly GPB) launches Patreon campaign – video

Interested in the couple behind a new Southside Savannah supermarket that specializes in products from Mexico? In the reopening of Savannah’s King-Tisdell Cottage? In the new season of the Savannah Philharmonic? In learning more about “the weeping time” when over…

What’s the latest on the chances for new low power FM nonprofit radio in Savannah?

Last December, I blogged about the Prometheus Radio Project and an upcoming meeting in Savannah to explore the possibility of various community groups starting low power FM (LPFM) nonprofit radio stations that could serve a variety of community needs. In…

In age of new media, where are our civic spaces?

I don’t really have any clear answers here, but there are obvious dangers in Facebook — a for-profit corporation with astonishing reach that’s under incredible pressure to add users and sell ads — being our dominant public space on the web.

The Prometheus Radio Project’s Reclaim the Airwaves Tour comes to Savannah

How could Savannah benefit from a nonprofit, low power FM radio station?