Fire temporarily closes American Legion Post #135, Betty Bombers

As often as I’ve been to the lounge at the American Legion Post #135 over the years, you’d think I’d remember exactly when it became a hub of neighborhood activity. I live four blocks south of the Legion, and I wander down late in the evening pretty routinely. I’m not much of a TV watcher, and I’m often up pretty late, so it’s an easy call on any random weeknight to decide to go to the Legion and see what’s up.

And, usually, something is up.

It’s actually possible that I’ve been to the Legion over 1,000 times over the last decade, however crazy that sounds. (I’m sort of glad I haven’t kept count.)

The opening of Betty Bombers All-American Eatery a couple of years ago enhanced the already-wonderful Legion experience.

So I’m obviously personally sad to hear about an overnight fire that damaged some of the first floor interior of the Legion, including the kitchen at Betty’s and the adjacent men’s room. I gather there was also some fairly serious smoke damage in areas that were not damaged by the fire itself.

But there are a whole lot more important things than the mild inconvenience that some downtime might create for regular patrons like me.

Most importantly, no one was hurt.

And it sounds like the historic building is structurally sound.

There was no damage to any of the nearby businesses that rent space in the sprawling Legion complex.

And, knowing the folks at the Legion and at Betty’s, they’ll have things moving forward as quickly as possible.

My Facebook feed has of course been buzzing all day with various details, and there are additional details at SavannahNow.

My heart goes out especially to all the employees at the Legion and at Betty Bombers. Some could face a difficult stretch as their lives and livelihoods are interrupted.