GPB on the Sand Gnats, a proposed new stadium, and baseball in Savannah

It’s hard to imagine anyone doing a better job mixing a report like this than GPB’s Orlando Montoya:

For just this text, check out Prepared To Leave The City, Savannah Sand Gnats Ask For New Baseball Stadium. From that piece:

The team’s complaints include the size of the concession area and the lack of options for technical upgrades.

The team’s owners, Hardball Capital, are reportedly talking with city officials in Columbia, South Carolina.

The subtle threat is that if Savannah doesn’t build a new stadium, they’ll leave.

Local businessman Reed Dulany says that would be a tragedy.

“This is really more, far more than a stadium and far more than baseball,” Dulany says.

The online article also ends with some interesting tidbits about the history of baseball in Savannah.

There are a number of major questions that remain about the new stadium that the Sand Gnats want, including parking and the impact on the street grid already planned as an extension of the Oglethorpe Plan. Click here for another recent post on this subject.