An update on the new Savannah-based music blog: hissing lawns

I haven’t been posting here to Savannah Unplugged quite as frequently in recent weeks, but look for posts in the coming days with some thoughts on the Savannah Film Festival lineup, with a review of CBGB: The Movie, with a plug for the upcoming Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home fundraiser on 10/12, and maybe with some comments about political goings-on in and around Savannah right now.

I’ve been swamped with things to do at Armstrong — that’s a key reason I’ve been relatively quiet here.

And I’m also working in some fashion almost daily on developing the Savannah-based music blog hissing lawns, the name of which is obviously inspired by one of Joni Mitchell’s great albums.

So far, a total of six of us have contributed to the blog in its first 3+ weeks. Among other things, Larry Jack Sammons is doing weekly updates of his pretty incredibly music calendar, Kayne Lanahan of Savannah Stopover and Revival Fest profiled the international up-and-comer Woodkid, and I have posted photos of from the Savannah Jazz Festival and from a few other recent shows, including Saturday’s great gig at The Jinx featuring Little Tybee, Paleface, and Triathalon.

I hope to add some other contributors and beef up other areas of the content in the coming weeks.

The blog is definitely finding an audience that I don’t typically reach. It looks like about 40 percent of hissing lawns’ readers aren’t even among my 3,000+ friends on Facebook (ridiculous, huh?).

So if you frequently stop here to catch up on music offerings around town, it looks like a lot of that content — including my photos — will be migrating over to hissing lawns, which also has a Facebook page and a Twitter.

Traffic on hissing lawns in the first three weeks has been all over the place — from a low of 31 page views on a day that no new posts were made to a high of 195 (we actually might pass that today). Those are pretty modest numbers, but I’m sure other Savannah bloggers know how hard it is to generate traffic in niches in a relatively small city like ours.

So that’s what’s going on. Thanks to all the readers who have supported and continue to support this blog.

Cheers, Bill