Detailed schedule of fashion shows and bands for Savannah’s Fashion Night

If you’re not already planning to go to Savannah’s Fashion Night on Broughton Street on Thursday evening (9/5), you should really consider it.

Even if you care little about fashion and never shop in any of Savannah’s boutiques, you’re almost certain to have a good time. Broughton Street will be shut down and pedestrianized between Montgomery and Drayton, plus there will be stages at both ends with DJs, fashion shows, and live music.

The people-watching is going to be great, just like it was the last two years for Fashion’s Night Out, and it’s sort of thrilling just to walk down the middle of Broughton Street on a late summer night.

If you have to drive into town, the City of Savannah is offering $2 Parking in the Bryan Whitaker, Robinson, and State garages. There’s also free parking in the Civic Center lot, just a short walk down Barnard from the action.

For more information and for newsy updates as we near the event, follow Savannah’s Fashion Night on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thanks to Blake at Dollhouse Productions for sending along the detailed lineup for Thursday evening:

Montgomery Stage
6:30: DJ Will Rock
7:30: Fashion Show

  • fab’rik
  • Trunk 13
  • Goodwill
  • Copper Penny
  • J. Paige
  • Go Fish
  • Lucy Lu’s

8:00 Flau’ge
8:30 DJ Will Rock
9:30 Finale Fashion Show with Saskatchewan

Drayton Stage
6:30: DJ Boo Doo
7:00: Make Westing
7:30: DJ Boo Doo
8:30: Fashion Show:

  • Bleu Belle
  • J. Parker
  • Red Clover
  • Sara Jane Children’s
  • Half Moon Outfitters
  • Kathi Rich
  • Veronica’s Closet

9:00: DJ Boo Doo
10:00: Finale Fashion Show with Cousin Dan

Here’s a taste of Saskatchewan:

And here’s Cousin Dan:

Make Westing is an excellent young indie rock trio based here in Savannah. Flau’ge is a female rapper.

Last year, there were three fashion shows on each stage, which was really a bit much even for spectators. I can only imagine how demanding that schedule was for the production teams, especially since it was a pretty hot night. Two fashion shows on each stage make a lot more sense.

I will update this post if new information becomes available.