World Ocean School on the Roseway schooner now docked in Savannah (photos)

My City Talk column in the Savannah Morning News today, Historic schooner offers educational programs, day sails on Savannah River, discusses my cruise last week on the Roseway, a tall ship now home to the World Ocean School.

If the Roseway continues to come to Savannah each spring and fall, there’s incredible potential for both educational opportunities and tourism.

Read the column for more.

Here, I just have some photos I took.

As you can see, it was quite sunny and clear when we left the Westin dock a little after 5 p.m., but quickly turned blustery and cloudy. As a consequence, we never raised all the sails.

I was struck by the hard work that the crew must put in. Young adults getting paid very little, they instruct school groups on many weekdays, have to answer the endless questions of tourists on recreational sails like the one I took, and also live on the boat.

In the column, I mention some of the architectural features that one can see in sharp relief from the river. A few of those elements are here in these photos.

Click for larger versions.

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