Jonathan Richman at The Wormhole — photos and a quick recap

Jonathan Richman had played a couple of gigs in Savannah in recent years, but circumstances kept me from attending either the Tiny Team production at Savannah Smiles or the 2011 show at The Wormhole.

So I was sure glad that Richman returned with drummer Tommy Larkins for a predictably quirky upbeat set.

I’m certainly no Richman expert and I didn’t keep good notes, either. So thanks to Christie Goeller and Adrienne Dickerson for reconstructing much of the set list (although not necessarily in this order):

“Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild”
“No One Was Like Vermeer”
“O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth”
“Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow”
“Let Her Go Into the Darkness”
“Keith Richards”
“La Festa e Glactica”
“Dance to Tommy’s Drums”

There was more, but not that much.

Here’s a video from the Hideout in Chicago a couple of years ago that gives a pretty good sense of what Richman and Larkins are up to these days:

That was about the same angle I had most of the night for enjoying Richman and taking a few pics:

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