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Jonathan Richman at The Wormhole — photos and a quick recap

Jonathan Richman had played a couple of gigs in Savannah in recent years, but circumstances kept me from attending either the Tiny Team production at Savannah Smiles or the 2011 show at The Wormhole.

Jonathan Richman – The Wormhole – 02/14/13

From the Facebook event invitation: In 1970, Jonathan Richman founded The Modern Lovers, an influential proto-punk band (well known songs include “Pablo Picasso” and “Road Runner.”) Band mates included Jerry Harrison and David Robinson (who later joined the Talking Heads…

Sh*t, Yeah: Zunzi’s The Conquistador finishes in top 3 on “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America”

The winner was the Roast Pork sandwich from DiNic’s in Philly.