Feature film “Savannah” booked for Sedona Film Festival

I posted recently about the feature film Savannah being booked for the opening night of the 4th annual Charleston Film Festival.

Now comes word that the Savannah, directed by Annette Haywood-Carter and starring Jim Caviezel, Jamie Alexander, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sam Shepard, and Hal Holbrook, will be screening at the Sedona Film Festival on both February 27th and March 3rd.

I posted about Savannah, which tells the story of legendary Savannah River market hunter Ward Allen, back in March 2012 after a packed screening at Trustees Theater. From that post:

I’m not going to include spoilers here, but the film was darker in its themes than I expected. And that’s a good thing. There are some deeply sad elements to Ward Allen’s story — and to the story of Christmas Moultrie, the last child born into slavery at Mulberry Grove Plantation and later Allen’s hunting friend and assistant. The multi-layered narrative doesn’t shy from those dark moments.

I can’t figure out how to embed it here, but you can see the foreign sales trailer at Fabrication Films.