Savannah non-profit Emergent Structures conducting Kickstarter campaign for educational greenhouse

Kickstarter and related sites have transformed the world of arts funding, especially for relatively small scale projects.

I wrote in some detail about the local use of Kickstarter last April — that post is worth an update soon.

One of the 10 local projects currently being funded is Emergent Structures’ Design for Ability Green House.

From the campaign description:

Emergent Structures is designing and building an educational greenhouse that will serve special populations high-school students from the Savannah public school system.

The greenhouse is being built to support an existing highschool training program, and the non-profit organization Design for Ability, which enables youth of special populations to experience hands-on training within green sectors of the agriculture, construction, and artisan industries. Many of the materials that will be used to build the greenhouse have already been reclaimed from other sites around Savannah through collaborative volunteer events organized by Emergent Structures. We already have some great funding partners like IKEA and Hardin Construction!

As I write this, the campaign is well over halfway to its $8,000 goal, with almost three weeks still to go.

Check out Emergent Structures’ sharp video, which begins with president Scott Boylston and features various folks from SCAD and Savannah Tech:

Kickstarter takes a small percentage of successful campaigns. For many non-profits, that small share is much cheaper than mounting a traditional fundraising campaign. No backers are charged unless the campaign is fully funded.

You can click on through for more info and to back the project: