Tickets now on sale for 5th annual Junk 2 Funk Fashion Show at Savannah Arts Academy

Regrettably, I missed the Junk 2 Funk Fashion show in 2012 at the Savannah Arts Academy, but I’m planning to go to this year’s event, which is scheduled for three performances on Feb. 1 and 2.

Tickets are now on sale online at Seat Yourself.

Last May, the Savannah Arts Academy — a magnet school that’s part of the local public system — was named the top public high school in the state by U.S. News and World Report.

That’s pretty remarkable on many levels. It’s especially interesting given the fact that, even being here in the sports-crazed South, SAA has neither basketball nor football teams.

The Junk 2 Funk Fashion Show is pretty much what it sounds like. Student designers take reclaimed and recycled materials — junk — and turn them into fashion.

I had just been running this blog for a few weeks when I posted about the 2011 show. The response to that post was one of the first clear indications that there was a demand for what I hoped to do with this site. That original post has gotten almost 900 page views and continues to get periodic hits, probably because photographer Bryan Stovall graciously allowed me to use some of his photos from that show.

A student designer takes a bow with his models at the 2011 Junk 2 Funk - Photo by Bryan Stovall

This time around, I’ll probably try to shoot some of my own.

A highly recommended community event, but I suggest buying tickets right away. The two evening performances are virtually certain to sell out and the Saturday matinee just might do so too.