mumbledust / Blackrune / Bellows – Ashmore Gallery – 01/09/13

I mentioned this gig in my Man About Town column in the Savannah Morning News last week: Tune your 2013 dial to more under-the-radar Savannah events.

From the Facebook event invitation:

∞ BELLOWS – Bellows is the acoustic frozen lake soundtracks of NYC’s Oliver Kalb & friends, and he’s bringing a gang of four along to seal the deal on all our sugar-plum dreams. Including members of Br’er and Eskimeaux, some other great bands that have come through Savannah recently.

∞ MUMBLEDUST – the delicate noir-folk of Ryan McCardle and Rachael Perisho has been shattering hard hearts around town like an existential tidal wave recently, and there’s no better time to catch hold of them as they break over the cliffs and take off into the lonely stratosphere. A pastoral love song to the soul, and I don’t get poetic without good reason.

∞ BLACKRUNE – The apocalyptic bombast of a castle on fire, PM Goerner and guitar make their best attempt at imagining a library of lost illuminated manuscripts. Think Pink Floyd on Quaaludes or My Bloody Valentine meets Medieval Lit class and you’re on your way to the dream-drone oasis in my mind…

The show is being produced by Safe//Sound




This should be a really interesting show. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something different in a new venue on an off night.

I took a few photos of mumbledust during a set a couple of months ago at Graveface Records & Curiosities (click here for my short write-up):