David Bowie, turning 66, releases new song with album upcoming

Well this is a nice surprise.

From Reuters’ David Bowie breaks long silence with new music release:

British singer David Bowie released his first new song in nearly a decade on Tuesday in a surprise launch coinciding with his 66th birthday.

“Where Are We Now?”, produced by his long-term collaborator Tony Visconti, is a mournful look back to the time he spent in Berlin in the 1970s with an accompanying video featuring black-and-white footage of the city when it was still divided.

The song, available on iTunes and free to view on his re-launched website, was recorded in New York and will be followed by his first studio album since 2003, “The Next Day”, due to hit shelves in March.

David Bowie from the new video

David Bowie from the new video

On a first listen, I find the song lush, sensual, sad, and a little hard to love. The video, which can be seen on Vimeo here, uses some regrettable animation — a bit of absurdity that conflicts I think with the imagery.

Still, welcome back David Bowie.