Savannah’s Damon Lee Fowler gets a mention in WSJ column about Southern hospitality at Christmastime

Jean Anderson’s column in today’s Wall Street Journal — Southern Hospitality, Wrapped Up – — has a subhead that says it all: “Below the Mason-Dixon, Christmas comes in bite-size portions, baked to box and share”.

Before presenting some easy-to-share recipes like Pecan-Cheddar Pennies and Benne Sticks, Anderson talks about the history of Southern hospitality at Christmas, including this snippet:

Gift-giving was transformed, too—by the Great Depression and then by World War II rationing. Lucky the neighbor or relative back then who received a tin of home-baked cookies or cheese coins. And lucky the recipient today. In my neck of the woods, we practice the tradition of toasting the season with “y’all come” open houses.

And Savannah’s Damon Lee Fowler gets a nice mention:

What Savannah, Ga.-based food historian Damon Lee Fowler recalls are the tons of pecan-cheese wafers and Graham cracker-coconut-pecan bars his mother made for church receptions.

For more from Fowler, check out Savannah Morning News columns like the recent ‘A Savannah Christmas’ offers inspired Southern recipes and take a look at the blog on his website, which features a variety of Southern dishes.