SMF’s Red Stick Ramblers appearing on “Treme” all season

There’s an interesting interview today at with the Red Stick Ramblers’ singer and fiddler Linzay Young: Linzay Young explains the Red Stick Ramblers | The band is featured throughout season three of HBO’s Treme.

The Red Stick Ramblers will also be playing Cajun Dance Parties at the Savannah Music Festival on March 29th at 7:15 and 9:30 in the new Ships of the Sea North Garden. (See pics of the venue here.)

From the NOLA interview with Young:

Q: In episode two, Annie and the band play a Red Stick Ramblers song, “Made in the Shade.” Tell me more about that song. When and why was it written? What’s it about?

A: I wrote “Made in the Shade” about a guy around Opelousas who made homemade whiskey, moonshine, whatever you want to call it. We had gone to visit him one day and make whiskey with him, and we had a great time. He showed us how it’s done, and showed us around his place where he raised rabbits and made whiskey. We sat around watching the still and drinking his homemade muscadine wine. I had the idea to write a song about it but call it something other than the cliché names for hooch. I had drawn a little sketch of him pulling bottles off his still under an oak tree in his yard, and I wrote “Made in the Shade” above the sketch, and that’s sort of where I got the idea for the song.

Sounds like a pretty good idea for a song to me.

Here’s a taste of the music: