Yoko Ono’s new fashion line for men: really?

We’re a hard people to shock.

But I don’t know if shock is the right word for my reaction to Yoko Ono’s new line of clothing for men, which was released this week with the company Opening Ceremony.

Is it just a big pop joke?

Is the goal to make a quick fortune in crazy, campy holiday gifts for folks with plenty of money to burn?

I’ve read several articles about the new line, which is based on semi-erotic drawings Ono did for husband John Lennon decades ago, and I still really don’t have a clue.

From Opening Ceremony’s website

Here’s Stuart Heritage from The Guardian, pondering the meaning of pants with see-through mesh seats and big hands on crotches:

Finding a gift for the man who has everything has never really been a problem for Yoko Ono. She was married to John Lennon, after all, a man who never wanted for material possessions in all his adult life. Except one. And that’s why, on their wedding day in 1969, Yoko gave John the greatest gift of all: the gift of a drawing of some trousers with the bum cut out of them, accompanied by a picture of an anorak with a bum drawn on it. It’s enough to make you misty-eyed.

Better yet, the story has a happy ending. Now, just 43 years later, you – yes, you! – can be the proud owner of the bumless trousers Yoko Ono drew to mark her marriage to John Lennon. Ono has just launched her own clothing line, and it’s inspired by the sketches she gave Lennon all that time ago.

The range – Yoko Ono Fashions for Men 1969-2012 – is being launched by the US-based franchise Opening Ceremony this week. It is not an overstatement to suggest that Ono has produced some genuine must-wear items. Sure, walking around in a pair of trousers that leave your buttocks perfectly visible might seem a bit outre, but the collection contains a number of more subdued garments: a $595 (£372) blazing pink jacket that comes with one inexplicably black sleeve; a pair of black trousers with a giant white hand positioned exactly over the crotch.

Click here to see the full collection.