Johnny Galecki as Terry Ork in “CBGB”: one photo

I posted a lot of photos taken in public settings during the filming of CBGB in Savannah this past summer.

But I’ve got more.

This morning around the house I’ve been listening to Television, one of the earliest bands to develop a synchronous relationship with the iconic Bowery club owned by Hilly Kristal.

I had quite a lot to say about Television in a previous post in which I mentioned Terry Ork, played by Johnny Galecki in CBGB, the openly gay producer whose Ork Records released singles by Television, Alex Chilton, The Feelies, and others. Ork is hardly a household name — he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry! — but he was one of those figures who just made things happen. (Click here for a nice picture of Ork along with other key CBGB figures and the actors portraying them.)

Ork died in 2004. From Richard Hell’s website, where he refers to the deaths of other old friends including Bob Quine:

We’re very sorry to hear of the death on October 20th, in San Diego, of Terry Ork. He’d been ill with cancer for a while. Richard says, “Good grief. That’s three this year. What is up? We’re not that old. I saw Terry a couple of years ago when he was in New York for a little show of some art he’d made. He was laughing a lot, as always. He’s about the only person I can think of who whenever I think of him it’s with a big smile on his face. I actually got a longish email from him the day before he died. I’d written inviting him to speak at the Quine memorial. What to say about Terry? He was a troublemaker, and some of the trouble he made was the band Television–he suggested his blond boy Richard Lloyd as second guitar which made the live band possible, and he gave us his loft to rehearse in which made it probable. He had lots of shady dealings. He ended up in jail for a while. He was a movie freak. That’s how Verlaine and I got to know him — he was managing Cinemabilia in New York when we worked there. Godard was his main man, and Guy Debord. When I left the Heartbreakers he brought out my first music release, a three song EP featuring ‘Blank Generation,’ on his new Ork Records. He’d started the label one EP before that, with Television’s ‘Little Johnny Jewel.’

Here’s a shot of Johnny Galecki as Terry Ork, talking to Hilly Kristal (Alan Rickman with the curly hair) and Merv Ferguson (Donal Logue).

And here’s a lot of Television, which we may not ever have heard were it not for Terry Ork:

And check out this great song off Television’s 1992 self-titled album:

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