Month: August 2012

Savannah City Manager has created her own problems

After some investigative work by the Savannah Morning News’ Lesley Conn raised serious questions about his qualifications. Savannah’s emergency management director has been “terminated”, according to Mayor Edna Jackson moments ago at a special session of City Council.

A few lessons from Hurricane Isaac

The first fatalities have been discovered in Plaquemines Parish, most of New Orleans is still without power, and many areas remain flooded.

Another Wordle word cloud from the RNC: Clint Eastwood

Did he actually say both “Gitmo” and “bifurcating”?

Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention: another word cloud

I guess you can tell that I like word clouds. I actually think they give a good glimpse of rhetorical choices and political posturing.

American Aquarium / Niche – The Jinx – 08/31/12

Links, video, and a photo embedded here.

Interviews with Malin Akerman, Ashley Greene, and Johnny Galecki on “CBGB” set in Savannah

Check out this ET interview with Malin Ackerman, who plays Deborah Harry of Blondie in CBGB; Ashley Greene, who plays Lisa Kristal, the daughter of club owner Hilly Kristal; and Johnny Galecki, who plays Terry Ork, whose Ork Records released singles by Television, Alex Chilton, The Feelies, and others.

Word cloud of Rep. Paul Ryan’s RNC speech

The dominant word of Paul Ryan’s speech: “Obama”

Word clouds of Chris Christie’s and Ann Romney’s speeches

This is much faster than listening to an entire speech.

Katie Mullins / Mumbledust – The Sentient Bean – 08/30/12

During her six year stint in Germany, her musical pendulum swung from one extreme to the other. She sang in operas at the Komische Oper, played shows with a country band, Rose’s Shoulder, and acted in plays and films. Katie was hired by European and American theater performance artists for her versatility as an entertainer, and has performed in Madrid, Geneva, Düsseldorf, Berlin and New York.

Square Fest a good sign for Savannah music scene, but teens need more such chances to engage

We can rebuild some generational bridges by opening up the city’s live music scene to 18-20 year olds who are currently banned from most of Savannah’s venues.

Exactly 7 years after Katrina, Isaac could test New Orleans levees

Exactly 7 years ago tonight, Hurricane Katrina was gaining strength just off the Florida Keys.

The new westside Savannah high school: how will it impact traffic?

I’d appreciate feedback from West Chatham residents about how things go on day one of school on Monday, August 27.

Zillow: Home prices up year over year, but about 30% of mortgages still underwater

Nationally, home prices are up compared to a year ago, according to Zillow, but that’s not the case for Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, and plenty of other cities.

American Aquarium’s new album “Burn.Flicker.Die”: a review

The Raleigh-based American Aquarium’s previous albums have captured the intense resentment of jilted lovers and the desperation of trying to find a place in the world, often with biting irony, but Burn.Flicker.Die. has an emotional depth and musical breadth that goes beyond the earlier work. And I love the earlier work: both Dances for the Lonely and Small Town Hymns have been in steady rotation at my house since they came out.