Interviews with Malin Akerman, Ashley Greene, and Johnny Galecki on “CBGB” set in Savannah

Check out this ET interview with Malin Ackerman, who plays Deborah Harry of Blondie in CBGB; Ashley Greene, who plays Lisa Kristal, the daughter of club owner Hilly Kristal; and Johnny Galecki, who plays Terry Ork, whose Ork Records released singles by Television, Alex Chilton, The Feelies, and others.

There’s a regrettably cloying soundtrack behind the video, and I’m a little surprised that Ackerman treats Deborah Harry and Blondie as absolute synonyms.

Still, there are a few images from the set that give a little sense of the look of the film.

From ET’s Malin Akerman Feels Pressure Playing Blondie

Fresh off of her musical role in Rock of Ages, Malin Akerman returns to back to the music scene in the upcoming film CBGB. However, this film is based on a true story, and she will play the role of punk rock pioneer Blondie, which pressures her to execute an accurate portrayal.

“There is so much pressure to do it right,” Akerman said. “I’ve been watching copious amounts of YouTube videos, interviews, and stage performances…There’s such a huge…population in the world who know who she is and who watched her, so you want to get it as right as possible. There is, obviously, pressure. You want to do her justice, so hopefully she’ll be happy.”