Which stars are still in Savannah for “CBGB” filming?

From the CBGB movie Facebook page:

That is a wrap on Stana katic, Estelle Harris, Justin Lee Bartha, Rupert Grint and Bronson Adams!

Welcome to Joel David Moore, Julian Acosta, Steven Schub, Dominic Bogart and Johnny Galecki! We look forward to continuing to work with all of you next week along with Alan Rickman, Donal Logue, Richard de Klerk, Freddy Rodriguez and Ashley Greene!

I didn’t see Stana Katic while she was here, but one extra that I know reported that she was the nicest one on the set. Of course, I got photos of Harris, Bartha, Grint and Adams. You can see those pics here and here.

Donal Logue and Alan Rickman on the “CBGB” set

Ashley Greene has already been in town for a bit, and it makes sense that she’d return since she has the female lead as Hilly Kristal’s daughter Lisa. I’m pretty sure Joel David Moore has already been in town for a while — perhaps he left and came back.

You can read more about the roles the other actors play on CBGB‘s IMDB page.

I had the good fortune to run into Rupert Grint yesterday (Friday) in Ellis Square, as he walked with his assistant back to their hotel. He was very pleasant, and he seemed genuinely appreciative when I thanked him for coming to Savannah. I told him my name when I shook his hand, but I did not add that I was the one who took the photos of him in a dog collar as The Dead Boys’ Cheetah Chrome. I think it’s a really smart career move for the Harry Potter actor to branch into edgier roles like this.

I also saw Freddy Rodriguez and Justin Bartha at a bar the other night.

So that leaves open the question of the Savannah presence of a couple of other key performers, including Malin Ackerman who will play Debbie Harry, Mickey Sumner who will play Patti Smith, and Taylor Hawkins who will play Iggy Pop. Maybe those actors have already been in town, but I’m not sure.