Calling all artists: RFP for public art project at Savannah Gardens

Thanks to Scott Boylston and Emergent Structures for passing this along in hopes of reaching a broader audience.

Emergent Structures has been deeply involved in the reclamation and reuse of building materials at Savannah Gardens off Pennsylvania Avenue on the city’s east side. There’s a relatively small sum — $25,000 — set aside for a public art project near the center of development.

Click here for the Request for Proposal. At the bottom of the page, you can click through to the PDF that includes more details about the project and the neighborhood, including:

Savannah Gardens is a 44 acre mixed-use and mixed income neighborhood, built to
green, Earthcraft Coastal Community standards. The neighborhood is being
developed by CHSA Development Inc., a non-profit housing developer, in
partnership with the City of Savannah and other non-profit and private sector
partners. Once completed, the neighborhood will contain more than 500 affordable,
sustainably built housing units, as well as integrated commercial development,
community spaces, and 5 acres of green space.

The original housing on site was built for Liberty Ship builders in World War II, and
was intended to be temporary housing during the war effort.

If you are interested in the proposal, please note that there is a required pre-bid conference at 10 a.m. on July 3rd.

Proposals are due on July 10th.

Here’s the site via Emergent Structures: