A quirky photo tour of Charleston

I went with my friend Adrienne to Charleston last Saturday for two good meals and two shows at Spoleto.

I already reviewed our great dinner at Husk.

And I already reviewed the fabulous show Traces by Les 7 Doigts de la Main.

We also had a really good lunch at the Patat Spot Friet & Falafel, which obviously specializes in falafels (but I tried the vegetarian frank).

And we also saw A Crack in Everything by the dance company zoe|juniper, which was something of a disappointment. The choreography did an extraordinary job of heightening tension, but did nothing to resolve that tension. At several moments, including when two dancers stripped entirely, I thought some sense of the performers’ and the piece’s humanity would come to the fore — but the opposite always happened. Sometimes surprises are nice, but not so much this time.

Before and after the shows, Adrienne and I wandered around. We snagged a microbrew draft at Pearlz Oyster Bar for a break, but for the most part we were on foot whenever we weren’t at the theatre.

We didn’t go to the point of the island at all, but we did explore some interesting streets that I’d never seen in addition to some very familiar ones.

You can click for larger versions and in some cases hover over the image for a caption.

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