I am now a contributor to Peach Pundit

Peach Pundit is probably Georgia’s most important blog covering state politics. It’s also an important one in covering metro Atlanta issues generally.

There’s definitely a rightward lean to Peach Pundit, but for the most part there’s lots of rational discussion, epitomized by editor Charlie Harper’s columns.

I’ve been reading Peach Pundit for a number of years and have occasionally commented on posts. I’ve never met any of the front page contributors in person — I’ve never even spoken with any of them on the phone — but the internet has an amazing capacity to pull people together. Since the blog lacked anyone with particular expertise on Savannah politics, Charlie asked me to do a guest post about the 2011 city election. I sent him the most boring post ever, but that didn’t stop him from asking me a couple of weeks ago to become one of about a dozen regular front page contributors.

I’ll probably only be doing about two posts per week, and I’ll be able to reach far more people regarding statewide issues than I currently do either on this blog or in my Savannah Morning News columns.

If the necessary time to post doesn’t materialize, or if it turns out I’m not a good fit for the blog, I’ll cease active involvement after a trial period.

My first two posts are now up at Peach Pundit. One is just a brief introduction. The other is a rather lengthy post — one that will be repetitive to many of my Savannah readers — about the Corps of Engineers’ economic rationale for SHEP. That details of that analysis have been largely brushed pushed aside by do-or-die rhetoric from state and local leaders.