Month: June 2012

Housing bust + Changing lifestyles = Boon for cities?

“One reason for the shift back to urban areas may be improvements in quality-of-life factors, such as safety, that traditionally drove residents to the suburbs. In the past decade, cities have become considerably more livable. Crime rates have fallen in some urban centers; downtown areas that once were dotted with closed businesses now feature new cultural amenities such as museums and baseball stadiums.”

Facebook and Twitter photos of the filming of CBGB in Savannah

Embeds of some of the photos from the set of CBGB shared via Twitter and Facebook so far this week.

Calling all artists: RFP for public art project at Savannah Gardens

Please note that there is a required pre-bid conference on July 3rd. Proposals are due July 10th.

CBGB set in Savannah: does it look like the Bowery of 40 years ago?

Check out these two photos.

Quantitative easing and the stock market

Calculated Risk has a succinct QE Timeline in this post. He also puts those dates into the following graph of the S&P 500. It speaks for itself.

Some Dark Holler: two new tracks from the upcoming album

Some Dark Holler’s new full-length album will be available through This Is American Music later this summer, where you can also download — for free — the band’s self-titled EP.

My first take on the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare

Obamacare supporters never liked to call the mandate a tax, but that simple reality seems to have been at the heart of the 5-4 Supreme Court decision today.

NYT finally realizes housing recovery is underway

Often using ideas and data aggregated by Calculated Risk, I’ve been writing about the bottom for housing since back in February.

Corrosion Of Conformity / Prong – The Jinx – 07/28/12

A big night of loud music at The Jinx.

Savannah Jazz Festival 2012 schedule and lineup, Sept. 23-30

The 2012 headliners include Li’l Ed and the Blues Imperials, Doc Handy Quintet, Jay Stewart Band, Andreas Varady Quartet, and the Tony Monaco B3 Trio.

Paul Cataldo – The Sentient Bean – 06/28/12

From The Sentient Bean: Paul Cataldo can be heard singing songs and telling stories about everything from alcoholism, war, poverty and jealousy all the way down the road to songs of peace and love. You can usually find him on…

Cait Black – The Sentient Bean – 07/03/12

Embedded songs from Cait Black and her ukulele.

An ESPLOST rant . . . [updated]

I’m all for increased spending on public education in the county, and I’m all for — at times — specific infrastructure upgrades. Raise my property taxes. Raise sales taxes that can also go to teacher hiring and general operations.

Carter Sampson – The Sentient Bean – 07/02/12

“Carter Sampson is an Okie born, Fayetteville, AR based singer-songwriter. Blessed by a musical legacy from a family that includes such talents as Roy Orbison, Carter’s journey as a musician seems to have been predestined.”