Citizen Advocacy on display in upcoming exhibits at the Telfair’s Jepson Center for the Arts

On Saturday, I posted a few dozen pictures of Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy’s 34th annual Covered Dish Supper.

I’ve been involved with the local Citizen Advocacy office in a variety of capacities for over a decade, and I’m fortunate to count its 3 core employees — Tom Kohler, Robin Gunn, and Ashley O’Brien — among my friends.

While Citizen Advocacy has always been a movement emphasizing freely chosen, one-to-one commitments between advocates and proteges with developmental disabilities, the organization occasionally takes the public stage.

And that’s certainly the case beginning in July, when Beth Mount’s exhibit Story Quilts opens at the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center here in Savannah. A few of the lush and colorful quilts were on display at last week’s big potluck dinner (you can see them in my photos at the above link), and you can obviously read a snippet about them on the rack card embedded here.

Also on July 19th, we’ll celebrate the Jepson opening of Seeing Savannah: Lyn Bonham’s View of Citizen Advocacy. Lyn has been capturing advocates and proteges for over a decade.

In August, an exhibit of story quilts created by local children will open. I Am The Beloved Community: Story Quilts of Our Savannah is being organized by Loop It Up Savannah of the West Broad YMCA. You can read more about that on the rack card here — it’s a project that boasts some impressive collaboration.

Susan Earl and Tom Kohler will talk about their book Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community at the Jepson on September 27th.

There will also be an exhibit this fall at Jerome Meadows’ Indigo Sky Gallery: Eye-to-Eye: The Making of We.

So mark your calendars now for all these exhibits and events showcasing the Savannah community at its most inclusive.