The latest Kickstarter project I’m backing: a new record from The Wild

The Wild at The Wormhole

I’ve mentioned The Wild a couple of times on this blog after seeing the Atlanta folk punk band open for The Queers at The Wormhole earlier this year.

By the time I realized The Wild had started a Kickstarter campaign to make their next record, they had already fully funded the $2,000 goal in less than two days. Still, I’m in — they have some great “rewards”, which basically amount to buying some really great stuff in advance.

I wrote a column and blog post about a month ago talking about Kickstarter’s impact here in Savannah. I think we’re now seeing a revolution in grassroots arts funding.

And I know some people value their anonymity and/or privacy in making donations, but I like the public nature of Kickstarter. Anyone interested in seeing the 7 projects that I’ve backed, click here.

Click here for The Wild’s website.

Check out the following video and link for more on the campaign.