Amy Ray of Indigo Girls – Live Wire Music Hall – 05/05/12

From the Wagatail website:

But in “Lung of Love”, Amy Ray’s sixth solo album in a decade, the punk-folk icon gives the humble apparatus its due.
Ray has always been on the side of the underdogs. In the mid 1970s, Amy Ray was a Georgia ’tween, plucking out Partridge Family songs on her guitar and dreaming of becoming David Cassidy, the ardent teen idol who got all the girls. She loved the psychedelic hippies like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, too. A poetic tomboy with big green eyes, Ray began writing songs about injustice and the tragedy of unrequited love, and playing her music in the schoolyard. “Even then, I had a sense that what I was writing was not for authority,” says Ray. “I wrote for me and my peers.”

Here’s Ray talking about Lung of Love and about many issues of identity: