Welcome to a new advertiser: That’s Just Peachy

I’ve previously discussed how ads work on this blog, so I’m not going to go into all that again.

So just a quick word here to thank That’s Just Peachy and webmaster Baker Owens for coming on board with one of those 125×125 squares you see immediately to the right. Baker does a great job of aggregating statewide headlines, news, and blog posts — I really don’t know of a single better place to get a sampling of information from across the state. He has included links to Savannah Unplugged a number of times, and you can find me in his long list of links.

And of course continued thanks to Cindy Sinclair of Cindy Rents Savannah, specializing in finding tenants for Savannah area apartments. She has been advertising here for a number of months. On her website, you can see a number of nice downtown apartments in historic homes that are currently available.

If anyone is interested in claiming one of those ad spaces, shoot me an email at billdawers@comcast.net.