Interested in advertising on this blog?

Do you own or manage a business — one that I would have no occasion to write about in my Savannah Morning News columns — that might benefit from advertising on this blog? If so, read on.

There are three types of ads on this page that you’re reading.

Google Adsense ads: The long one above the post title, the rectangle to the left, and the rectangle at the bottom

Google Affiliate Network: These are the small squares in the right sidebar, which appears on every post and page, with national retailers like Abe Books and Eddie Bauer. I get paid a small percentage of sales generated by those ads — it ain’t much, believe me.

Also in the right sidebar you see site-specific ads purchased directly through me. Cindy Rents Savannah, a company specializing in renting and sometimes managing apartments for landlords who lack the time or expertise to keep their units fully rented, is paying me $20/month for that slot, which appears at the top of that sidebar on every post and page.

The order of ads changes when the page is reloaded; there are not other charges per click or per sale generated.

If you have any interest in this, I’d be happy to send data about the number of visitors, their locations, and other information that is available to me. Email me at if you’re interested.

Again, to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest, I’m only looking for advertisers that I would have no reason to write about in my newspaper columns. New advertisers would not be expected to commit to more than one month, although you’d get a much better sense of the traffic with a commitment of two to three months.

If you’re interested but don’t have a 125×125 square version of a logo or ad, let me know. I might be able to take your existing artwork and turn it into a suitable ad for little or no cost.

By the way, for the last week or so and for reasons unknown to me, I’ve had trouble with the sharing functionality on Facebook. I’m trying to get this problem sorted out, but so far it seems to have had no impact on traffic.