Emerging Savannah band Triathalon gets some internet love

I included some pics of and comments about Triathalon in my post recapping the entire Savannah Stopover. Click here for that.

But the young Savannah-based band has gotten some great press since then.

From QRO Magazine’s recap of the recent Savannah Stopover:

Triathlon [it’s actually spelled Triathalon] was an all-male quintet made up of visual art students from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Together, they made upbeat alt rock with sweeping, lush guitar parts and soul. Before they started, many college-aged friends and fans lined up in front of the stage, filling half the venue in order to sing and dance along with the band. Triathlon’s lead singer brought total soul to the show with his singing, dancing and energy. The lead guitarist played glass slide a good bit when not creating Strokes-like lead parts. The rhythm guitarist and bassist played next to each other, singing backup parts into the same mic while the drummer and rhythm player held the strong beat down.

QRO’s paragraph about Triathalon is nestled between ones about Grimes and The Knocks. Pretty good company.

You can buy (name your price) Triathalon’s EP Relationchips on their Bandcamp page, or you can just listen below. Start with “Teenager” — if you don’t like that one, then this probably isn’t the band for you. The track has a nice dose of surf rock, some great changes in pace, some strong but lilting vocals from Adam Intrator, addictive percusssion . . . and, as good rock anthems often do, the lyrics channel universal feelings.

Here are the same photos from Locos that I posted in my recap, but now in a CoolIris gallery that you can scroll, click, use the arrows, etc. For the full effect, click the full screen icon in the lower right corner.

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