A quick update on the feature film “Savannah”

From IMDB’s description of the upcoming feature Savannah:

‘Savannah’ tells the true story of Ward Allen, a romantic naturalist in the vein of Thoreau, a man of privilege who turned his back on a life of material comfort and a fiery romance with the love of his life to become a market hunter. With his life-long friend and business partner, a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie, Ward tried to navigate the vicissitudes of social, industrial, environmental and personal change that threatened their way of life.

The film was directed by Annette Haywood-Carter, written by Haywood-Carter and her husband Ken Carter, and produced by the following, according to IMDB:

John Cay …. producer
Andre Danylevich …. associate producer
Jon Foster …. executive producer
Nick Gant …. executive producer
Harry Haslam …. associate producer
Annette Haywood-Carter …. co-producer
Don Mandrik …. co-producer
Randall Miller …. producer
Warren Ostergard …. co-producer
Jody Savin …. producer
Jay Sedrish …. executive producer
Julian Wall …. associate producer

And stars:

Jim Caviezel … Ward Allen
Sam Shepard … Mr. Stubbs
Jaimie Alexander … Lucy Stubbs
Chiwetel Ejiofor … Christmas Moultrie
Jack McBrayer … Sir Graham
Hal Holbrook … Judge Harden

After spending a long time in post-production, Savannah is apparently finished. There’s a private screening for cast and crew scheduled for March 12th.

I’ll obviously be following the fortunes of the film and be noting its release dates and other relevant info.

Here’s the marketing trailer that was released last year: