New commercial for Savannah Music Festival features world class musicians Wynton Marsalis, Daniel Hope, David Finckel and Wu Han

With the support of local and state economic development officials and tourism promoters, the Savannah Music Festival recently held a press event at New York’s Lincoln Center to promote the festival’s incredible 17 days of programming.

“It’s an incomparable experience,” says cellist David Finckel.

“I don’t know of any music festival in the world that has such a diversity,” says violinist Daniel Hope.

“I think it’s one of the most informed listening audiences in the world,” says Wynton Marsalis, the director of Jazz at Lincoln Center. “The world is much closer during the music festival.”

“Savannah in the springtime is simply magical,” says pianist Wu Han.

Those voices are joined here by SMF director Rob Gibson and others. Nice visuals too.

Visit Savannah during the 2012 Savannah Music Festival! from Savannah Music Festival on Vimeo.

The SMF also picked up some great press from USA Today: Bach, bluegrass, and blues: Savannah Music Festival coming up