A quick trip through SCAD’s painting department in Alexander Hall

I’ve always thought of SCAD’s Alexander Hall, which houses the college’s painting department, as one of the most extraordinary spaces in Savannah.

Last evening, Alexander hosted a student showcase as part of deFine Art. I’m glad to report that the gallery space at the building entrance has been revamped — the exhibit of new work in SCAD’s permanent collection looked great. It was so nice to see some work by former Savannahian Monica Cook (below), not to mention bold pieces by Michael Porten, Summer Wheat, and others.

The graduate studios were all open upstairs, but the space is too much of a warren for me to focus on anything for long. I have a couple of stills below from two video installations by Xavier Robles de Medina, an undergrad who managed to snare two grad studio spaces for the evening. If you scroll to the bottom of the pics, you can see one of those videos: “Erase”. A few of Xavier’s really fine figurative paintings are hanging in the first floor hallway with other undergrad work — I have a couple of pics of those here as well.

I apologize for the spotty quality of these; I was using my pocket Nikon, which has been acting up a little.

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Here’s “Erase”: