Local project “Glitter + Gold” is a Kickstarter staff pick

I’ve been intending for ages to write a longer post about Kickstarter, the remarkable online crowd-source funding mechanism that has had a dramatic effect on DIY arts projects.

I’ll save that longer discussion for another day, and here I’ll just note that 21-year old Savannah artist Clinton Edminster’s Glitter + Gold project, launched just a couple of days ago, has been selected as Kickstarter staff pick. I have no idea how often the staff picks page is updated, but Clinton’s project has been there since Saturday.

A screenshot of a few of the Kickstarter staff picks this weekend

Click here to go directly to Glitter + Gold, a relatively modest $2000 campaign (to which I contributed before it was highlighted by the website’s staff).

The funds will go toward creating a multimedia art installation at Little Beasts, a vibrant gallery on Bull Street near 32nd. It’s one of the nicest gallery spaces in town.

As with many other Kickstarter campaigns, there are all sorts of perks for donors at various levels.

Check out the video for the project: