Two interesting numbers from Iowa: Romney vote in 2012 vs. 2008, Perry’s ad spending per vote

Two numbers jumped out at me this morning as I looked at the results of the Iowa caucus.

First, here’s the vote breakdown:
Romney 30,015
Santorum 30,007
Paul 26,219
Gingrich 16,251
Perry 12,604
Bachmann 6,073
Huntsman 745
No Preference 135
Cain 58 (loyalty!)
Roemer 31

Yes, Buddy Roemer is running for President, and allegedly has “Roementum in the Granite State”, according to a recent campaign email.

Here’s the vote from 2008:
Huckabee 40,841
Romney 29,949
Thompson 15,904
McCain 15,559
Paul 11,817
Giuliani 4,097
Others 529

So Romney improved his vote total by +66 votes in 2012 compared to 2008.

And I guess it’s worth noting that Rick Perry and the Super PAC supporting him spent about $6 million on ads in Iowa.

Which works out to about $476 for each caucus voter who supported him.