More information on Georgians’ support for next year’s vote on a new transportation sales tax

The first part of my City Talk column today is about the support in Georgia generally, and in south and east Georgia specifically, for the Transportation Investment Act (the so-called TSPLOST that will add 1% to regional sales taxes if approved by voters).

I have a number of thoughts in the column, so here I’m just adding some additional data from the crosstabs in the SurveyUSA poll. Frankly, I’m surprised by the level of support for the referendum at this point in the process. I’d ascribe that support to the fact that most Georgians really do think that we need to do something dramatic to address our transportation infrastructure needs. Some of the data:

  • 55% of Georgians favor the measure, with only 38% opposed and 7% unsure. Even if we include the 2.9% margin of error and all the undecideds into the no camp, the statewide vote is still pretty solid.
  • 56% of men favor the tax; 55% of women favor it
  • 18-34 year olds favor the tax by 2 to 1; the only age group opposing it are those over 65 (53% to 44%)
  • 59% of those under 50 favor the tax; of those over 50, 49% favor the tax and 47% oppose it
  • whites approve of the tax by 50% to 44%; blacks by 67% to 25%
  • all education levels favor the tax
  • all income levels favor the tax, but there’s most opposition among those making more than $80,000/ year (50% to 45%)
  • more conservative voters oppose the tax, but by very small margins; more than 60% of moderates and liberals support it
  • while the tax’s support is 47% in favor and 47% opposed in north and west Georgia, 59% of those in metro Atlanta support it, as do 60% in south and east Georgia

Here’s the statewide breakdown: