New video aimed at promoting Savannah: Will it go viral?

The Savannah Morning News coverage of Visit Savannah’s new video produced for YouTube can be found here. According to that piece, Visit Savannah spent $15,000 on the video in the hopes that it will “go viral” on YouTube.

I don’t know if it counts as going viral, but the video has been viewed over 4,000 times since being posted yesterday.

Here it is:

The YouTube punditry has so far given it 53 likes and 9 dislikes.

After an early flurry of positive comments, the comments over the last few hours have turned quite negative. Of course, the vast majority of YouTube viewers don’t comment or click like/dislike.

I don’t mind using silliness as a marketing tool, assuming that tactic is accompanied by other tactics, but I think this is a little too silly to have much positive effect, and not silly or campy enough to go viral.

We’ll see.

If I were in charge of promotion of the city, I’d be focusing considerable efforts on attracting visitors likely to spend more money per person than we are currently seeing. This video certainly does not do that.

2 comments for “New video aimed at promoting Savannah: Will it go viral?

  1. LifelongSavannahian
    October 6, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    :long protracted groan: It’s not that I’m asking for something sober, dry, and informational, but this passed Rational Station and rode the tracks all the way to the crossroads of Loopy Lane and Whatever-We-Have-To-Do-To-Make-The-Deadline Way.

  2. October 8, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    I held my comments until hearing others, in no particular order, but from different people — ●”Cute” ●”They just wasted 3:33 minutes of my time” ●”Ghosts are too close a reminder to KKK” ● ● My thoughts: Is this targeting the tourist demographic that Savannah wants or should be attracting? Discerning boomers is who I see on the trend maps. I think Gen. “O” is a miss with them. Are we into fall back mode to to a term I heard one client use long ago — T-shirt tourists? Perhaps this is what @VisitSavannah was after: “Social media for business is like a conga line at a party. It starts with one, and others join in, weaving through the crowd, picking up participants and building cool relationships along the way….” – @Enduracom // Could the push back be coming from the perception that Savannah is a personal-preference type of mannerly, social town for diverse people — traditional to eclectic / conservative to liberal / reserved to outgoing. It’s a place where the core of attractions is fabulous art and museums, friendly people, southern culture, diverse festivals and cuisine, world-famous architecture, some of America’s richest history, and near Tybee beach on the Georgia. It’s not just a party town with to-go cups. Is Savannah trying to be New Orleans? Are we marketing to only the joiners, rather than the discerning traveler. I think “the miss” is that independence is celebrated here. Savannah is not a frat or sorority party town only. Likewise, I think a snowman campaign in a city (pretty much state) that has no snow is going in the wrong direction, too. Why do we pump in snow? We should be celebrating that we DON’T have snow! Differentiate? Positively, yes! But, market first what is authentic and beloved. It can be done creatively,but in my opinion, the conga line silliness is a miss. All that said, I like the title “Come to life in Savannah”, which evokes yet to be discovered possibilities.

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