New video aimed at promoting Savannah: Will it go viral?

The Savannah Morning News coverage of Visit Savannah’s new video produced for YouTube can be found here. According to that piece, Visit Savannah spent $15,000 on the video in the hopes that it will “go viral” on YouTube.

I don’t know if it counts as going viral, but the video has been viewed over 4,000 times since being posted yesterday.

Here it is:

The YouTube punditry has so far given it 53 likes and 9 dislikes.

After an early flurry of positive comments, the comments over the last few hours have turned quite negative. Of course, the vast majority of YouTube viewers don’t comment or click like/dislike.

I don’t mind using silliness as a marketing tool, assuming that tactic is accompanied by other tactics, but I think this is a little too silly to have much positive effect, and not silly or campy enough to go viral.

We’ll see.

If I were in charge of promotion of the city, I’d be focusing considerable efforts on attracting visitors likely to spend more money per person than we are currently seeing. This video certainly does not do that.

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