Works by Betsy Cain, Anthony Goicolea headline a great fall at Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center

While I have a lot of latitude in choice of topics for my Man About Town columns each week in Do in the Savannah Morning News, I rarely end up devoting that space to art reviews.

There are a variety of reasons for that — I might go into those sometime. Suffice to say that it’s ironic how little I write about art, one of my passions.

But two recently-opened shows at the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center simply demanded to be written about: in situ by Betsy Cain and Alter-Ego: A Decade of Work by Anthony Goicolea.

My column about Betsy’s show can be found here.

My column about the Goicolea show is here.

There have been some great exhibits at the Jepson since its opening in 2006, but these two are both standouts.

And, notably, the Cain show was organized solely by the Telfair, and the Goicolea show was organized by the Telfair in conjunction with the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh.

"Pool Pushers"

That should make Savannahians even more excited — about how far the Jepson has come in five short years, about exceptional local talents like Betsy Cain (and others who have had Jepson shows including Nancy Hooten, Luther Vann, Ellen Susan, and Marcus Kenney), about the esthetic choices of the Telfair staff, and about the future.

Betsy’s show is up till December; Anthony’s until just after the first of the year. I have no doubt that both locals and visitors will turn out in big numbers.

I’m sure I’m not the only plotting return visits.